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Our Mission

Saint Anne Parish School, in partnership with home, church, and community, is dedicated to the formation and education of each child in spirit, mind, and body.  We strive to “teach as Jesus did” as we proclaim the gospel, build community, and serve others.  Our school community is rich in Catholic values and academic excellence, empowering our students to discover their God-given gifts and to use them as leaders of the Church and society.

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  • 2 Time Blue Ribbon School of Excellence
  • 20+ Co-Curricular Activities
  • 1:1 Chromebook Devices K-8th
  • Over half of Faculty hold Advanced or Secondary Degrees

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Overcoming Academic Burnout

Overcoming Academic Burnout

Most students will, at some point in their academic career, get tired of schoolwork. But when it turns into a chronic condition that effects your child’s well-being and performance, it may be academic burnout – a much more serious form of prolonged stress.
one-on-one instruction

How Your Child Will Benefit from One-on-One Instruction

Many students in U.S. schools struggle with literacy, mathematics, and other skills that are the basic foundations for learning. Unfortunately, these students are often forgotten or swept aside due to the nature of classrooms in public education. In a large group, instruction is generalized, and natural curiosity is diminished.
Thank You Teachers

The Role of Faculty Involvement in Student Success

Faculty play a critical role in shaping a student’s experience, but unfortunately, faculty tend to be absent from student success strategies at many schools. At Saint Anne’s, we have designed academic policies with student’s best interests in mind. We focus on enhancing the learning experience by providing faculty with the tools to adapt academic models and curriculum to meet students needs in a time where there is constant change.

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