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School Climate and Culture

The culture at Saint Anne Parish School creates a home away from home for staff members, students, and families alike.  Saint Anne’s vision of servant leadership is incorporated into every aspect of the school culture.  The faculty strives to create a warm, welcoming environment where children feel safe, supported, and loved unconditionally.  As a result, students feel confident enough to take risks and explore new concepts, which lead to internal motivation and a drive to succeed.  Because of the school’s unwavering commitment to students, parents feel compelled to be present on a regular basis, including volunteering in the classrooms and serving on various committees and boards.  Teachers foster positive, nurturing relationships with their students and are committed to the wellbeing of each and every one of them.  Community volunteers also serve in the building on a regular basis.  These rich relationships cultivate a positive energy that encourages students to grow, learn, and thrive.

The Administrative Team embraces the model of servant leadership.  The collaborative effort between Administration and teachers, rooted in the best interest of the Saint Anne Parish School students, invites a solid family culture that promotes student success.  As part of this family culture, teachers are supported and affirmed through regular classroom observations and feedback, coaching, co-teaching opportunities, and guidance in planning differentiated units and assessments.  New teachers are paired with veteran teachers in an effort to ease their transition to Saint Anne Parish School.  No teacher is isolated; it is truly a collaborative, familial spirit that creates a welcoming environment where everyone is valued.