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What to Know About School Registration

What a difference a year makes! The minute one school year ends, it seems, the next is already sneaking up on you. We certainly hope that each family is taking in some well-earned rest and relaxation this summer. And while most students were registered by June for the 2021/22 school year, it never hurts to review our policy at Saint Anne Parish School so that each family kicks off the school year fully prepared.

What Are the Benefits of Small Classes?

When parents are in search of the ideal K-8 school for their children, they may wonder if class size really matters. What they know for certain is that they want to increase their children’s odds of succeeding, especially if a child has struggled in a larger setting or didn’t get the kind of attention he or she needed.

How to Keep Children Safe on the Internet

As many parents have experienced in the past year, keeping children safe on the internet can be a challenge when they’re spending more of their time online. You’re probably well aware of parental controls and already use them on your computers, smartphones, and tablets.

School-Related Tax Credits and Deductions You Should Know About

There’s a lingering misconception among some parents that when it comes to tax incentives, there aren’t any to help send their kids to private or Catholic schools. That’s because, generally speaking, parents aren’t able to use private school tuition to reduce their tax liability.

Technology as a Learning Tool

Technology affects just about every aspect of modern life. That’s why we make sure it’s a key part of learning at Saint Anne Parish School. We strongly believe that children who are comfortable with technology have a better chance of succeeding in the world.

Teaching Our Students the Value of Getting Started

Sometimes starting a task is more difficult than the task itself. For students at the beginning of their academic careers, learning the value of getting started and making good habits that avoid procrastination is crucial for lifelong success.

eLearning Day 2/16/21

Due to the inclement weather, & for the safety of all, Saint Anne Parish School will eLearn tomorrow 2/16/21. Please stay safe & warm.
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