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How Your Child Will Benefit from One-on-One Instruction

Many students in U.S. schools struggle with literacy, mathematics, and other skills that are the basic foundations for learning. Unfortunately, these students are often forgotten or swept aside due to the nature of classrooms in public education. In a large group, instruction is generalized, and natural curiosity is diminished.
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The Role of Faculty Involvement in Student Success

Faculty play a critical role in shaping a student’s experience, but unfortunately, faculty tend to be absent from student success strategies at many schools. At Saint Anne’s, we have designed academic policies with student’s best interests in mind. We focus on enhancing the learning experience by providing faculty with the tools to adapt academic models and curriculum to meet students needs in a time where there is constant change.
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Tips to Help Families Start the School Year Off Right

Welcome to the 2020- 2021 school year! We look forward to a safe and productive year for students, teachers, and parents. We at Saint Anne Parish School have a few tips for families to consider to jumpstart this year on the best possible footing. The opening of the school year is such an important time for us all, and we’re dedicated to making this school year a success from the start!
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As always, we remain committed to a safe student-centered learning environment. As you know, this school year we will be doing that by offering two main platforms of instruction: In Person Learning and Parallel Digital Instruction. Students engaged in In-Person Learning will be grouped into cohorts and abide by the safety procedures that we have put into place.
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