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Saint Anne Parish School Athletics

Goals of Saint Anne’s Athletic Program:

Youth athletics are an important part of a child's overall health, self-confidence, and the development of positive and productive character traits. Most importantly, youth athletics teaches responsibility and being able to work with others. Balancing scholastics and athletics is no easy task, but by doing so, a student athlete develops an inner sense of discipline and desire  to hold themselves to a higher standard. Those standards apply to behaviors inside or outside of school, and effort in the classroom and the field of play. Saint Anne student  athletes buy into the philosophy  “Sound body, sound mind”. 


While personal development is an important part of athletic development, another very important aspect of a student athlete’s development is instilling a sense of teamwork. A good teammate understands when they have to sacrifice their glory for the benefit of the team. A good teammate also displays good sportsmanship to their fellow teammates, coaches, referees, and spectators. No matter where the student may end up in life, they will have to work with people who come from unique backgrounds and different philosophies on life and will have to find a way to productively work together.


Cardinal Mantra:

“By serving others, we serve ourselves”