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Please make note of the tuition rates for the 2023-24 school year.
*Contributing parishioners are those families that participate in the life of Saint Anne Parish, attend mass regularly, and contribute a minimum $1,000 annually, July-June to the Sunday/Holy Day offertory collections.
Annual Tuition Contributing* Non-Contributing*
Pre-K 3 Yr.(3 half days) per child* this will no longer be offered in the 24-25 school year $3,390 $3,390
3/4/5 Yr.(5 half days) per child* $5,055 $5,055
3/4/5 Yr. (5 full days) per child $7,440 $7,440
HDK per child $4,830 $4,830
FDK per child $7,175 $8,925
1 Child Gr. 1-8 $7,175 $8,925
2 Children Gr. FDK-8 $13,300 $17,850
3 Children Gr. FDK-8 $19,100 $26,775
4+ Children Gr. FDK-8 $25,900 $35,700
Tuition to be paid to Smart Tuition
Tuition Payment Options:
Annual - 1 payment due August 20th
Semi-Annual - 2 payments due Aug. 20 and Dec. 20
Bi-Monthly - 4 payments due Aug., Oct., Dec., Feb.
Monthly - 8 payments begin in August and end in March
Monthly - 10 payments begin in August and end in May
Fees Per Child
Book Fee (Incl. OCS fee)
Pre-K 3 Yr. (3 day) per child $145
Pre-K (5 day) & K-8 $190
Technology Fee
Preschool $100
1/2 day Kindergarten per child $150
Full day Kindergarten & 1st grade per child $200
Gr. 2 - 8 per child $300
Lunch Supervision Fee
Every Full Day Student $40
8th Grade Only  
Graduation Free $125
Nurse Fee
Full Day Students $80
Half Day Students
Fundraising Fee  
Every Student $250
Any families who need financial assistance will be required to submit their financial aid application to EMPOWER ILLINOIS BY MAY 31, 2023. Only families that apply to EMPOWER ILLINOIS will be eligible to apply for FACTS.

Grant & Aid Assessment. Please note:
• The FACTS application must be submitted no later than May 31, 2023.
• After a review and evaluation is completed, EMPOWER ILLINOIS will notify you of their award. At that time, the
school will assess your FACTS application indicating eligibility.
• A letter of notification will then be sent to each family if you are eligible for the
FACTS award.
• Students whose current tuition is delinquent cannot request financial assistance until their account is current or if
an exception is made by the Principal/Pastor/Director of Operations in writing.
• Tuition assistance is applicable to tuition only with the exception of Empower Illinois scholarships, and will be
applied to the tuition account on a monthly basis.
• Financial funding is limited and available on a first come first serve basis.
Should you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Margaret Buckstaff, [email protected] in the Business Office