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The Visual Art Program at Saint Anne Parish School is designed to give students across all grade levels the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities including drawing, painting, paper sculpting, and applied arts.  All grade levels receive art instruction once per week in which they create art through various mediums while developing an understanding of art history, critique, and aesthetics.  Students’ artwork is displayed prominently throughout the building and in the community to affirm their creativity and effort.

Additionally, all students at Saint Anne Parish School, have music class once per week.  The Music Program is designed to help students gain an understanding and love of music.  This is accomplished through the teaching of rhythmic patterns, singing skills, music theory, and music history.  Students take part in a variety of performance opportunities including the Christmas Concert, the 4th grade Parable Musical, the 5th grade History Musical,  Grandparents’ Day Concert, and more.  Band is offered to students in grades 4-8, and choir is offered to students in grades 2-8.   The students are also affording an opportunity to partake in liturgical choir experiences. Computer technology and musical instruments are  incorporated into the music curriculum.