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Saint Anne Parish School’s comprehensive religion program is academically rigorous and is integrated into all subject areas.  Saint Anne’s God-centered, servant leadership approach to teaching and learning is evident in student and faculty retreats, student-led masses, prayer services, sacramental preparation, daily prayers, and service initiatives as teachers strive to empower students to discover their God-given gifts and use them as contributing members of society.  Students participate in a variety of service projects including the school’s Bernie’s Book Bank, field trips to Feed My Starving Children, a school wide Lenten Project, and Make a Difference Days, in which students are allowed to be out of uniform once a month in exchange for student-chosen charity donations.

An important component to our religion program is service and providing opportunities for our students to live as servant leaders. Middle school students are asked to evaluate their own situations and come up with service opportunities fitting their own special gifts and talents.  Each 6th grade student is asked to spend ten hours providing service for others: each 7th grade student is required to spend fifteen hours of service; and each 8th grade student is asked to complete a total of twenty service hours.  Our goal is to involve students in service that focuses on outreach to the community, involving them in tasks outside their daily responsibilities and routines.