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Technology as a Learning Tool

No matter your child’s grade level, we make sure all students get one-on-one access to digital tools and devices so that no one misses out on the rich educational experience we provide.

However, students don’t all learn the same way. As parents know, not every child in front of a computer is learning. That’s why it’s so important to view technology as a tool that can contribute to a more well-rounded education in a variety of classroom settings. The school still emphasize education and collaboration first, and we make sure we’re meeting the standards of other core subject areas.

Top Benefits of Technology for Students

There are many benefits of using technology in the classroom. Learning new digital skills is just part of it. Technology can enhance lesson plans and give teachers more ways to reach and engage with students. Moreover, giving students early exposure to digital learning makes them better prepared for adulthood because it teaches them to be creative and think critically.

However, technology can be unhealthy if it isn’t implemented the right way. That’s why we offer a holistic environment that engages students in ways that are interactive and educational alike. Every day, our teachers design lesson plans that target a range of skills. Even the younger students learn to analyze, evaluate, and create – skills that are central to Common Core State Standards.

Our commitment to developing a tech-savvy student body is one of the reasons that students here excel. Our performance as a K-8 school hasn’t gone unnoticed. Saint Anne was named a 2016 and 2006 National Blue Ribbon School by the US Department of Education thanks to our overall academic excellence.

How Is Technology Used at Saint Anne?

Some form of technology is introduced at every grade level. It is a central component of our STEM-driven math and science curriculum, one that is complemented by our cultural arts programs. At each stage, we use proven, age-appropriate methods.

That approach extends outside of the classroom, as well, where our co-curricular activities include 3D Printing Intro to Engineering and STEM Robotics Academy. 

SAMR Model

All of our classroom teachers use technology in some way, with the help of a dedicated technology integration educator. At Saint Anne, we follow what’s known as the SAMR model, a collaborative system that helps teachers incorporate technology into their practice.

This model ensures that activities are actually engaging children and teaching them new analytical skills. This results in higher levels of achievement for students.

Tech Tools in the Classroom

These are just some of the resources that might be integrated into your child’s classroom:

  • Personalized Computer Experience: Every student gets to work one on one with his or her own Chromebook. Mobile carts give teachers throughout the school easy access to digital equipment.
  • Technology Lab: Computers are present in every classroom so that students can practice their multi-media skills.
  • StreamLabs: We have multiple StreamLabs throughout the school. They’re fun for kids, but they also encourage development in science, technology, religion, engineering, art, and math. Students can tinker, invent, and build technological confidence.
  • Interactive Whiteboards: These electronic whiteboards are connected to the internet so that teachers and students in every classroom have access to online resources. They are similar to touch-screen computer monitors, allowing teachers to create fun, interactive activities.
  • Multi-Media Classrooms with Green Screen: Students get really creative here. Green screen is a video production technique using different backgrounds. They enable students to create or edit image streams for classroom projects.

We view these tools as opportunities for students to collaborate, create, and reflect on what they have learned. The school’s wealth of resources has had a strong impact on student achievement. Many of our graduates have been recognized as Illinois State Scholars, who eventually rank in the top ten percent of high school seniors.

At Saint Anne Parish School, we provide an environment that gives children from all walks of life the opportunity to develop academically, as well as spiritually, so that they grow into successful and well-rounded members of their communities.

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