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6 Benefits of a Catholic School Education

1. Faith-Based Community

If you’re a practicing Catholic, providing your child with a faith-based academic experience may be high on your list of priorities. Your child can learn more about their religion by attending Mass with their classmates, taking the sacraments, and through daily prayers.
The community of a Catholic school doesn’t only apply to students, however. If you’re looking to get more involved with your local Catholic community, having your child attend Catholic school is also a great way to meet other religious families. At Saint Anne Parish School, we believe that parents are the first teachers, so we work closely with you to educate your child.

2. The Model of Christ

At a Catholic school, you can be certain your child will learn about the tenets and rituals of Catholicism. But a faith-based education isn’t just about learning about liturgical seasons or sacramental rites. It’s also about helping children become Christ-like people. Catholic schools teach Christ’s core values to children: love, generosity, responsibility, self-discipline, and more.
We don’t just teach children science or literature. We teach them how to be responsible, good people who care for their community and try to emulate Christ.

3. Academic Excellence

If educational rigor matters to you, it’s important to note that Catholic schools are known for their emphasis on academic excellence and freedom.
While public schools are required to follow certain curriculum based on state and federal laws, Catholic schools have more freedom. That means that while your student will learn a solid basis of math, literature, social studies, science, foreign languages, art, and religion, certain schools provide more emphasis in certain areas. For instance, you can send your child to a Catholic school that focuses on STEM, or one that emphasizes the importance of the arts.
For instance, here at Saint Anne Parish School, we rely on Archdiocesan Curriculum Standards and the Common Core State Standards. But teachers are encouraged to go beyond these guidelines in order to bring out the best in their students. We focus on developing life-long skills of critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and reflection. And most importantly, our goal is to mold our teachings to our individual students’ needs.

4. Unity Through Uniforms

Uniforms may not be very popular with students, but studies have found some major benefits of school uniforms. Studies have shown that schools with uniform policies have fewer discipline issues and incidences of bullying. Test scores also go up, since students can focus better in the classroom when they aren’t as worried about what they’re wearing or if they “fit in.” Some studies also suggest that uniforms help create a sense of unity and school pride for students.

5. Pathway to Higher Education

Many parents dream of their child going to a great college or university. When you send your child to a Catholic school, you’re increasing the chances of seeing that happen.
According to data from the US Department of Education, only 31% of public school graduates go on to earn a bachelor’s degree, compared to 62% of Catholic school students. Many Catholic high schools focus on preparing students for success in higher education, so they give your student a steppingstone to get there.

6. Sense of Service

Many parents choose to send their children to Catholic school because they want to instill in their child a service mindset. Catholic schools are known for their emphasis on serving others in the community as we teach our students to be more like Christ. Like many Catholic schools, Saint Anne Parish School incorporates service into our curriculum to help instill the value of volunteering and community work in our students.
Our administrative staff also embraces a servant-leadership model. Our teachers and administrators work closely together and with parents to make sure that we provide the absolute best educational environment for your child.
For Catholic and non-Catholic families alike, Catholic school is often an excellent place for students to experience academic challenges, learn to serve their community, and join a welcoming environment. If you’re interested in learning more about enrolling your student at Saint Anne Parish School in Barrington, Illinois, contact us today!