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The Role of Faculty Involvement in Student Success

Faculty as Trusted Advisors

The Catholic faith is one of the integral foundations of the philosophy and attitudes at Saint Anne. Building on the tenements of the Catholic faith, our faculty encourages and promotes integrity, honesty, kindness, forgiveness, a strong work ethic, and compassion. Our trusted advisors practice these life skills to set an example for our students, and in turn, students have mentors they can look up to when they need guidance in terms of morals, values, and their social responsibility to their community.

When faculty can provide a meaningful, enlightening learning experience to students, they are simultaneously building a bridge of trust – which means that as students broach difficulties and challenges throughout their education, they feel empowered to turn to faculty members they know they can trust. A trusted faculty member is also more likely to notice when a student is failing to perform to the best of their ability or engage in classroom discussions, and thereby is in a better position to help address potential issues.

In our efforts to set an example for students, the faculty at Saint Anne has closely studied guidance from state authorities and the Office of Catholic Schools to ensure that your child is safe and has a successful school year. We recognize that faculty attitudes and actions contribute to the culture of Saint Anne, which is why we expect faculty to promote the values of Saint Anne and to engage in meaningful interactions with students that result in positive experiences.   

Student Support Systems

Saint Anne relies on the ASCD Whole Child Approach to fully prepare students for the world ahead of them. This approach employs a series or tools, reports, guides, and networks to provide educators with the mechanisms to encourage academic success. Saint Anne utilizes the Whole Child approach in conjunction with the teachings of the Catholic Faith to promote long-term success in each child, no matter what their specialized needs may be.

The Whole Child Approach addresses student needs through a shared responsibility between everyone in the community – from the students, to families, schools, and more. By integrating the whole community into the education of the child, it establishes an extensive and strong support network. When children feel supported and included in their community, they have the confidence to succeed and seek growth, both personally and academically.

Individualized Student Development

Our faculty and administration embraces each student as an individual, with unique characteristics, strengths, weaknesses, and needs to be met. By fostering a culture of community, the leadership at Saint Anne creates a welcoming environment that encourages individualized student develop.

We encourage students to interact directly with faculty members by organizing opportunities for students to shadow different roles (such as “principal for a day”) and we promote and encourage regular volunteerism on the part of both students and community members. Our curriculum is built to give students an opportunity to be creative and sets them up for success: our annual Project Lead the Way allows children to experiment with robotics and see how their ideas can change the world.

Provide Your Child with The Foundations for Success at Saint Anne Parish School

Ultimately, our faculty knows that we are helping shape future roles of students, and our focus is on remaining engaged and offering consistent support to students both academically and personally. The expectations from our faculty and our program align with professional standards of scholarship, teaching, and service to our community. Our goal is to integrate knowledge, faith, and Catholic values while encouraging servant leaders to be effective and compassionate community members.

We look forward to you and your child joining our community and we are excited to begin fostering relationships that encourage long-term growth and success. 


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