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We compete in the Northwest Catholic Conference against other Catholic schools across the Chicagoland Suburbs. 5th-grade league occurs every Sunday during the season with some weekday games scheduled. 6th-grade plays their games during the week but has no playoffs. 5th and 6th-grade basketball focus more on the individual player as well as teamwork development with less emphasis on the final result of the competition.  7th and 8th-grade basketball does have an end-of-the-season playoff tournament and while we want to continue to emphasize individual and teamwork skills, their emphasis on winning increases, and playing time may not be evenly distributed.
Student Athlete Jersey #
Rosalie Douglas 22
Anya Dunstan 36
Madison Green 42
Elle Hoobchaak 31
Julia Naedele 8
Lauren Pardun 40
Hannah Tomei 18
Emily Trzaska 24